Free also! How to file waive filing fees paperwork like I did

When you fill out the software the right forms will come up according to which box you mark. It will all be explained in the video on how to fill out forms.

The correct forms automatically come up as you check boxes, and if you can't can't type in a space it is because the form is automatically filled out according to the information filled out before.

At the end of the process there will be a form that says you can ask to have your filing fee waived or make payments.

I handed the form to the clerk and she went and got a paper for me to fill out that I had to fill out with my I.D. saying I was unemployed and had no money.

There is an option to make the filing fee in payments. If you stop making payments. Your bankruptcy will not be completed unless it is paid.

Not legal advice I was told that by the clerk.